Top design and top performance – Compatible with with most systems, see below / pen / syringes

Don’t like needles / Don’t like to inject

Diabetes News… Needle fear and insulin self-injection struggling Is eliminated……!

>>>>> finally <<<<<

Breaking Device News…… So much easier now! takes the unpleasant out of Self-Injection Nightmare
For those who suffer of needle phobia or need a hand for the injection process… Self-Injection
Device is Recommended by Doctors / Nurses worldwide
Customized to provide the users with a safe and easily controlled injection, with the throughout
injection process…… Kids and Adult’s Accessory Device – No one else can offer!

Here is the solution – You have been waiting for !

Users Say! After using penguide assistant. I find my injections much easier – more controlled and WAY less painful to manage……Check Out Videos

You are not alone.....Kids or Adults.....Needles Fears are Common.....We have the solution.....
To overcome your's fears-discomfort-uncomfortable situation!

PenGuide assistant…. Gives you pleasure and strength.

The PenGuide assistant is a reusable Device system designed to fit a wide range of pens. Created for people who prefer not to see the needle or performa needle insertion…. Is extremely easy and fast to handle. PenGuide assistant has a large gripping surface, so you can hold it firmly in your hands.(Super Grip) Once it’s attached to the pen, it completely covers the needle you won’t see the needle during injection because the insertion button inserts the needle into the skin for you. Promote better health care for people with diabetes

The PenGuide Assistant from Union Medico is a tool to help people who either have needle phobia or need a hand to place the needle in the tissue. Eliminating your phobia /anxiety

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Needle Length from 4mm to 16mm

Study Clearly Shows

You are not alone / Needles Fears are Common for both Kids and Adults


Needle Phobia /Anxienty


Difficulty injecting themself

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