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Hi Union Medico.


Just wanted to say thank you for your help.

I used the injector for the first time last week after getting anxious about the needle shooting in!
But once I found the courage after a drink or two of bourbon, I had to check that the needle had actually gone in as I didn’t feel a thing! It is a massive help to me with my phobia of needles, but due to having Pernicious Anemia, I have no choice. This has made my condition very bearable, instead of being very stressful so thank you!!

I am a member of the Pernicious Anemia Society & have told others on there all about my experience, so you maybe getting more orders. If only the UK wasn’t so stupid regarding peoples health needs!

Thank you so very much !

Paul, United Kindom

Hi Union Medico.


I received my 90 degree Auto injector and could not be happier with it. The shipment arrived in my location in Missouri from Copenhagen in about 4 days I believe. Much more quickly than I expected.

I’ll be honest it took me awhile to get the nerve to push the button after losing the nerve to give myself shots about a year ago. But when I did push the button it was so painless I had to check to make sure the needle had actually pierced my skin. It had, the injection went great and now after a year I can stop paying the doctor’s office to give me weekly injections.
Thank you! Money well spent!